Fondation Cité de la Santé

$15,000 donation from Croesus to Hospital staff

Don de Croesus

Photo: Sébastien Rocheleau, Assistant Director – Nursing (CISSS de Laval), Marie-Christine, Assistant – Nursing, Sylvain Simpson, Croesus President and André Malacket, Executive Director of the Foundation

Foundation Cité de la Santé, which serves all CISSS de Laval facilities, would like to thank Croesus for its generous donation. In this month of February, after two years of battling the COVID-19 pandemic, our health and social services personnel are in great need of comfort. Croesus has graciously donated $15,000 worth of gift bags filled with maple treats, made by Cabane à sucre Lalande, Saint-Eustache.

Their donation is part of a larger movement to recognize and support essential workers, inspired in part by the #Madosedamour initiative. The maple treats will be given to staff on every shift in many Cité de la Santé Hospital units, representing 1,500 workers in the Emergency Department, Intensive Care, COVID-19 patient care units, and others.

“We would like to thank Croesus for their generous donation. As we enter this difficult year, we’re glad to be able to offer comfort and kindness to CISSS de Laval employees. We can tell you first-hand what a huge difference these simple gestures make, especially as the fifth wave drags on and pandemic fatigue is high. Thank you, Croesus, for this Profoundly Human gesture” – André Malacket, Executive Director, Foundation Cité de la Santé.

“In the current health situation, we must continue to support health care workers.” And Croesus is happy to do something tangible to show them comfort and gratitude” – Sylvain Simpson, president of Croesus.