Fondation Cité de la Santé

Doctor’s song

Jérôme Couture et Dr Lacombe

Jérôme Couture (Karine Lévesque) and Dr. François Lacombe

December 2021, Dr. François Lacombe, family doctor at the CISSS de Laval and great ally of the Cité de la Santé Foundation, called us to inform us of a song he had written during the pandemic, which brought him comfort. He told us that with the complicity of the talented Jérôme Couture, he wanted to record and make this song available, for the benefit of the Foundation.

“When François approached me with his text, I was immediately touched. With two children who
were born and are growing up in this period of our lives, we have benefited from unexpected help and support. The work of health care workers has been as important for our family as it is for all Quebecers,
and they tirelessly stepped up their efforts for all of us. It is to these humans that this song. A message of love that comes from the heart, through a text imbued with emotions,” explains singer-songwriter Jérôme Couture.

It is therefore with enthusiasm that we make this work available, with any donation to the Foundation,
until June 30, 2022. This money will make it possible to continue to offer the best care in Laval, as well as to support the staff who have been working there tirelessly, in a particularly difficult context for the past 2 years.

Thank you to Dr Lacombe, Jérôme Couture and all the donors!

About Jérôme Couture
Originally from Jonquière, in Saguenay, Jérôme Couture is a singer-songwriter, who has accumulated three albums and several major radio hits. His most recent radio single, Garden of Eden, is a collaboration with Renee Wilkin. A true showman, he stands out on stage with his energy and his undeniable penchant for dancing! Jérôme Couture is now taking off with his own record label, Les Productions G-COUT inc. A new musical universe is opening up to him and rhythmic shows are to be expected over the coming months.