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35 000 $

Intellectual Disability

Music therapy for people living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Music therapy is meant to restore and maintain mental and physical health. It is a global approach that involves the body, sensory feeling, emotion, as well as the intellectual and mental faculties.

The APPROSH program (Art Percussion Programme Recherche Organisation Socio-Humaine) is an intervention program through music that has proven its effectiveness with autistic people who have become autistic artists. APPROSH seeks to promote the integration of people who have social integration problems. It was developed in Canada in 2001 by Mohamed Ghoul.

Validated by research in 2007, it was found that the APPROSH program helps people living with ASD to connect with others through the arts and music, particularly through the practice of percussion that does not require the ability to play music in the literal sense. Documented case studies have shown that this program allows people with ASD to actively connect with members of a group.

This program would be implemented with two groups of 12 people: 6 people with severe behavioural problems housed at the Résidence Louise-Vachon and 6 others living with ASD who could live both in their natural families and in an intermediate resource. Activities would take place at the Residence for both groups.

Goal: $35,000