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Our volunteers

Volunteers are the quiet strength of our team. Discreet, they carry out work that too often remains in the shadows and that is undeniably essential to the pursuit of our mission. We share our successes with each and every one of them and would like to thank them warmly for their active participation in our operations.
Jean-Guy Girard and Yvon LafleurInitiators, Golf Belle-Aide

“More than 20 years ago, a group of friends, including Yvon Lafleur and myself, came up with the idea of a golf tournament, organized by the Fondation La Belle-Aide, to raise funds for the muscular dystrophy cause (1993). Then, a few years later, the members of the Foundation were introduced to the idea by Marie Beauchamps and Francine Parisien at a Christmas dinner at the CHSLD Chomedey, now known as Rose de Lima. Motivated by the many needs of this centre, we decided to make the golf tournament an annual activity in order to raise funds to ensure a better quality of life for our seniors. We are now responding to requests from the five public nursing homes in Laval. Our logo represents our niche very well: a warm hand, a little hope for our seniors.” The late Jean-Guy Girard
The Golf Belle-Aide activity no longer takes place, but the Cité de la Santé Foundation continues to fund the services offered in our nursing homes for the well-being of our seniors.

Lynda Bouchard and Dr Patrice LamoureuxInitiators, 300 km pour la VIE

“One morning you wake up and bang, they tell you you’ve got cancer. That’s when you realize that life takes on a whole new meaning and that you can lose it at any moment…

After this ordeal, after all the treatments, I had an urgent need to live and to do something important with my life. The idea of a fundraiser, a bike challenge, went a long way.

The first person who believed in my project, who shared my madness and above all who supported me from the beginning, without ever giving up, was Dr. Patrice Lamoureux. We are now at the 7th edition and we are very proud of it. It is a love story, a success story shared with a whole team of volunteers, including Claude Garon and Jocelyn Millaire, who brought innovation, many hours and immense motivation to the 300 km challenge.”

Committee Members:
Ms. Lynda Bouchard, Dr. Michel Breton, Mr. Stéphane Lacasse, Mr. Marc-André Lebeau, Mr. Jocelyn Millaire


300 km pour la VIE Activity

Dre Nathalie Aucoin and Dr Sébastien ClavelInitiators, Des pas pour la recherche

“The Groupe de recherche en oncologie de Laval was founded in 2001 by a team of oncologists. With the opening of the Centre intégré de cancérologie de Laval (CICL), the team wanted research to be conducted with all the professionals working there, in order to offer clinical studies and innovative treatments to all our clients.

Dr. Sébastien Clavel, radiation oncologist, came up with the idea for this day to raise funds for research. Another objective was to bring together patients, their families and the CICL team in a friendly family activity. Thanks to a committee of volunteers made up of several professionals, the fundraising activity was launched in 2012, in close collaboration with the Cité de la Santé Foundation.”

Committee Members:
Christian Brisson, Karina Gauthier, Robert Lupien and Josée Meunier

Me Maxime AlepinInitiator, Comité jeunesse

“When it comes to Quebec’s public health care system, we must all get involved to help our health care professionals in their mission. In the summer of 2013, François Gagnon, President of the Foundation, and Alain Demers, Executive Director, proposed that I chair a brand new committee: the Youth Committee. Convinced of the importance of contributing to developing the philanthropic fibre of Laval business youth, I accepted the mandate with enthusiasm and contacted people who, like me, are committed to supporting the Cité-de-la-Santé Hospital and its community.”

Committee Members:
Maxime Alepin, Mathieu Brunet, Michael Drivas, Jean-François Rousselle and Kenzo Vézina.

Diane Fellice and Michel PoulinInitiators, Moments de pur bonheur

“It is with a great deal of emotion that we present the fruit of a crazy idea born two years ago. We decided to put our passion for music and our business networks at the service of the Centre intégré de cancérologie de Laval. Our goal: to offer an opportunity for talented business people to share the stage with professionals from the artistic community. We also want to share our favourites with the next generation of musicians. We dedicate this show to our mothers, both of whom died of cancer too soon.”

Committee Members:
Luc Bilodeau, Lucie Gravel, Johanne Leprohon, Cléo Maheux, Geneviève Prévost, Chantal Provost and Josée Thibodeau.

Clerical volunteers

Nicole Lapierre, Charles Groulx, Nicole Groulx, Yolande Dignard, Danielle Senécal Boivin, Lyne Vigeant, Fleurette Groulx (absent)

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