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The impact of donations in Oncology

Vidéo cancérologie Laval

Thanks to your donations, particularly through the 300 km for VIE activity since 2008, the Foundation finances numerous projects in the Laval Cancer Program. From the acquisition of medical equipment, through clinical research or the financing of projects dedicated to the Laval Integrated Cancer Center, you make a big difference in the daily life of patients.

To illustrate this point, we asked several key stakeholders in the Laval Cancer Program to present the projects carried out thanks to your donations. Watch these capsules and discover the POWER OF YOUR DONATIONS (in French only)!

Marie-Andrée Fortin MD and Nicolas Cliquennois, co-Manager of the Program

Caroline Vincent, Nurse

Yvette Chouinard, Nurse

Kim Ma MD, hemato-oncologist

Dany Duplan MD, radio-oncologist

Astrid Mageren and Pauline Arnaud, endoscopy unit managers

Ginette Brousseau, ex-patient and user-partner