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Because we are all


It is essential for the development of each of us. Both a powerful force and a shared responsibility.

Because we are all


We all have a mother to support, a spouse to support, a colleague to comfort, a brother to help, a child to take care of.

Because we are all


It determines our capacity to act. You have to have it to be entrepreneurial, get involved in your community, start a family, integrate into the community, continue your studies.

Because we are all


It is our greatest collective wealth, a source of dynamism and prosperity. We must support it, to accomplish ourselves together.

Let us give it


So it can heal through this word that soothes, this gesture that relieves, this presence that reassures, this knowledge that heals. So it can evolve thanks to the intelligence of the heart, the collaboration and the unique know-how of thousands of individuals mobilized around the great challenges of tomorrow. So it can broaden its action and make its presence felt everywhere in the territory, in our homes, in our businesses and well beyond.


I become an ambassador

Our Ambassadors

André Simard

Patient and donor

In December 2019, Mr. Simard underwent knee replacement surgery at the Cité-de-la-Santé Hospital. Happy with the progress of the operation and the support for the orthopedic staff, he expressed his gratitude by making a donation to the Foundation. “It's reassuring to know that we are in the hands of the best medical professionals. I'm really happy with my new quality of life, because at 82, there's no question of slowing down! Let us be generous! "

Mathieu Charron

Specialized Nurse Practitioner

Mathieu works since February 2020 at the CISSS de Laval. First a nurse in the emergency room and then at the Polyclinique Saint-Martin, he has recently become a "super-nurse": a nurse practitioner specializing in primary care in a family medicine group. "It is important to invest, each in our own way, for the health of all. Every life counts and justifies all of our efforts! "#ProfoundlyHuman

Nicole Mouffe

Occupational therapist

A citizen of Laval for nearly 30 years, Nicole has worked as an occupational therapist for more than 20 years. Recently retired, she decided to come back to lend a hand to her team in the context of the pandemic. "As an employee, I have always contributed, whether by buying a Loto-Voyage ticket for example. I find this important because I have received a lot from the Foundation, as an employee, but also as a patient - having received care for breast cancer in 2018. "

Nadine Assaker

Nursing Advisor

Lebanese by origin, Nadine arrived in Quebec in 2007. Working with our elders is a great passion for her. She has worked with clients in end-of-life care and is currently at CHSLD Ste-Dorothée. "I am happy to contribute to the Foundation, because in my work, you can feel the concrete impact of the donations. "

Sylvanise Sainvilus


Sylvanise has worked in the Mother-Child Continuum at the Cité-de-la-Santé Hospital for 10 years. She is currently working in the birth unit, a setting she loves. Since 2019, she has been an ambassador for Loto-Voyage and convinced many colleagues to buy a ticket for the Foundation. "It's important to contribute! In the Birth Module, many devices essential for our work were purchased with donations to the Foundation, such as Pronox laughing gas which helps reduce pain during childbirth. "

Dre Martine Raymond


Nephrologist since 1996 at the CISSS de Laval, Dre Raymond works with clients with renal dysfunction, including dialysis patients. She particularly appreciates the contact with her patients and their relatives. “Some of them come almost every day for their dialysis. We are like a big family! "

Marie-Josée Paquin

Technical coordinator in general radiology

Marie-Josée was born in Cité-de-la-Santé 35 years ago. She has always lived in Laval and has a great sense of belonging to her city and to its CISSS, of which she has been employed since 2007. “I love my job and I am proud to be part of this team, especially with the year 2020, which will have profoundly changed us all. "

Christianne Racine


Christianne has been treated twice for cancers at the CISSS de Laval (bladder and indolent follicular lymphoma). “I had the best care from the best doctors and nursing staff imaginable. The management was reassuring, the appointments respected, everything to encourage me to fight and come to terms with this disease! I contribute to the Foundation because I am grateful to the staff of the Cité-de-la-Santé, a hospital with a human dimension. "

Audrey Doucet

Chief - Maintenance Department

Audrey has worked at the Louise-Vachon residence, with clients living with an intellectual disability and serious behavioral problems, for 10 years now. "I am proud to work for the CISSS de Laval, I really enjoy my work and the team at the Residence. I agreed to participate in the Foundation's campaign because it is a cause close to my heart. "

Middlyne Cesaire


Middlyne Césaire is 31 years old and is a single mother of a 12 year old boy. Having received good care at the Hospital, and a proud Laval resident, she wanted to give back. “I am a person who only lives for justice, social equality and helping the most vulnerable. I am happy to contribute to the Foundation! "

Magalie Huot


Magalie is a clinical nurse in the University Family Medicine Group (GMF-U) at the Cité-de-la-Santé Hospital. “2020 is a very different year for everyone. So I would like to be able to help the foundation collect more donations by getting involved and raising awareness of the importance of contributing to the movement, in order to end the year on a positive note!"

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For young people accommodated in youth centers and those from vulnerable backgrounds, the needs are great in Laval. Better offer of therapeutic or leisure activities, reorganization of living environments, support for the pursuit of post-secondary studies ... Give these young people a chance to develop their full potential.

Consult the list of youth projects


The coronavirus pandemic has put forward the magnitude of the needs for our elders in Laval. Whether it is to redevelop certain units in our public CHSLDs, to offer better adapted activities or better home care, your donation is essential.

Consult the list of projects for seniors.


The psychiatry unit at the Cité-de-la-Santé Hospital will be completely redeveloped in the coming years. In addition, several resources are deployed to better serve, in particular, the 12-25 year old clientele struggling with mental health problems.

Support these projects!


Our Hospital, built in 1978 for a population of approximately 200,000 people in Laval, is in dire need of new investment! Infrastructures, medical equipment, research and teaching, improvement of services at the Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital, let's give ourselves the best of health, one step at a time.

See an overview of current equipment needs.